Collection: RASYNPRO by Anglomoil

We are excited to announce that we are the exclusive distributors of RASYNPRO by Anglomoil, a high quality performance motor oil developed for the Motor Racing and High performance market.

This proudly Australian made product is provided with full factory support and rivals any of the premium international brands in term of quality of base oils and additive formulations. RASYNPRO has been extensively tested and is used and recommended by a growing list of “high end” racing and performance workshops.

RASYNPRO by Anglomoil


RASYNPRO is the premium engine oil within the RASYN range of Performance Lubricants from Anglomoil. RASYNPRO is constructed using a Polyalphaolefin (PAOs) base oil that can resist degradation in extreme operating conditions and providing maximum engine protection and performance. Combined with synthetic esters base oils and other high-performance additives, RASYNPRO is compatible with all modern normally aspirated, Forced induction, (Supercharged or Turbo) engines in addition to “heritage” engines of all configurations.

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Benefits of a PAO Ester

Have you ever wondered what is the difference between synthetic, full synthetic and a PAO synthetic? You’re not alone – the naming of lubricants has created a confusing array of terms and this makes it difficult to understand the differences between technology and marketing

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