RASYNPRO is the premium engine oil within the RASYN range of Performance Lubricants from Anglomoil. RASYNPRO is constructed using a Polyalphaolefin (PAOs) base oil that can resist degradation in extreme operating conditions and providing maximum engine protection and performance. Combined with synthetic esters base oils and other high-performance additives, RASYNPRO is compatible with all modern normally aspirated, Forced induction, (Supercharged or Turbo) engines in addition to “heritage” engines of all configurations.

PAOs also exhibit much higher viscosity indexes than other engine oils, requiring fewer viscosity improvers. Viscosity improvers are susceptible to shearing in the engine, so the lower treat rates in PAO oils allow them to remain hold viscosity for longer. This is critical in high performance race motors to protect from excessive wear and ensure no loss of performance. – for more information on PAO’s refer “Benefits of PAO brochure.

RASYNPRO caries an American Petroleum Institute, API, specification of “SP”, making it safe for use in modern Direct Injection vehicles that can be susceptible to Low-Speed Pre-Ignition, (LSPI), and using all non-leaded race fuels or ethanol fuels (E95, E85 etc).

RASYNPRO is an ideal engine oil for any high horsepower, boosted or normally aspirated engine that experiences severe service and requires an oil that survives high levels of heat and oxidative stress. Thermal management is optimised, which allows for peak horsepower to be maintained under high loads and high rpm.

RASYNPRO has been tested and proven in high Performance racing applications from endurance, Sprint, and time attack racing.

If you want a durable oil to protect your investment and deliver high performance, then choose RASYNPRO by Anglomoil.


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